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Cedarville Farm is owned by and operated by Willis Bosch, with the help and cooperation of neighbors, family members, friends, and hired hands as necessary.  Having grown up on a dairy farm in Orange County, New York, after a carer of teaching mathematics Will started a small dairy in Rockland County, New York, at the Threefold Fellowship Community.  It remains the smallest registered dairy in New York State, and the last dairy in Rockland.

At Cedarville Farm, Will has raised 4-5 grass-fed steers each of the last three years.  The beef, of the highest quality, is packaged at the Steiner Packing Co. in Otego, New York, shrink-wrapped and USDA inspected.

Will has also focused on rejuvenating the 60 or so acres of hay fields at Cedarville Farm, with all but 17 acres ploughed, rocked, rolled, and replanted last year.  Though last year’s hay was a little thin, the pasture mix of timothy, alfalfa, orchard grass has come into its own this year.  We cooperate with our neighbors, the Millers, an Amish farming family, in cutting, drying, bailing, and putting up the hay, and we share the output.

Before his passing in the spring of 2017, Will’s son David assisted with farm operations. David worked off and on in small scale agriculture growing up, and was sent as a Peace Corp Volunteer in the mid-’90’s to the Cape Verde Islands, in West Africa. Despite extensive Peace Corps training in sustainable agriculture, he was sent to the island of Maio, an island in the path of the Sahelian desert belt, on which it rained precisely once in his two years there.  Little agriculture, other than the growing of onions, was undertaken on the island.  David did help manage project proposals and help obtain funding for small livestock projects, as well as for developing basketball facilities for the local arena.  He also taught high school English.

By chance, several years ago he picked up a garlic braid at a local garlic grower’s on Route 20 in West Winfield, New York, and with Will attended the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival in the fall of 2007, buying more seed, harvesting a small crop in 2008.  The crop has expanded greatly to 10,000 plants this year.  Garlic requires a lot of hands-on work at certain periods in the year, from May to early October.  After some experimentation, David winnowed the garlic varieties at Cedarville Farm down to the four (German Red, Italian Red, Spanish Rioja, and Riesig) that presented a good variety and are also excellent, each in their own way. David worked hard to keep a weed-free environment, using straw as mulch bus also removing those weeds that do grow several times over the spring – backbreaking stuff, for sure.

David was the heart of  Cedarville Farm’s garlic operation. Thank you to all those who supported him and Cedarville Farm in the past. Unfortunately, we will no longer sell garlic.

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  1. Darren Bosch says:

    Awesome site, garlic dudes! Keep me informed, and reply to this message to show the site works.

  2. Clarence W. Mosher says:


    That is a beautiful barn you have there.


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