Will is raising his fourth group of steers this year. After having a crew of “black baldies” last year, Will purchased four Simmental – Angus mixes from a farmer near Utica. Although David did not eat meat, he still had an excellent eye for cattle and chose the best prospects in the farmer’s yard, costing Will dearly. However, these big boys are putting on weight well, grazing on lowland and hill pasture at their leisure. The steers average about 1,200 lbs. right now.

The meat is packaged at Steiner Packing in Otego, New York. Steaks, roasts, and one-pound portions of ground beef and stew meat are individually shrink-wrapped. Will does not sell by the piece, but rather sells packages starting at 25 lbs minimum, going to 50, 100, or 200 lbs. The proportion of steak/roast/stew meat/ground beef is roughly (enter percentages). Each order includes each cut in approximately these percentages, by weight. A flat price per pound of $8 was charged last year, but due to the higher cost of cattle and all inputs, that price will be reevaluated this year. With a small and loyal but growing group of customers in the Rockland County, New York, and Bergen County, New Jersey areas, Will welcomes new customers, but suggests you contact him contact him early to reserve your order.

Beef is available only for pickup at Cedarville Farm, in Chestnut Ridge, New York. On a case-by-case basis deliveries can be made between these two locations.
Contact Will directly at (914) 552-5649, or at to reserve your order.

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