Cedarville Farm,under prior owners, has been both a dairy farm and a the site of a cattle trading operation. The farm contains approximately 60 acres of hayfields. Seeking to rejuvenate the fields, in the Spring of 2010 Will had 75% of the acreage ploughed, rocked, rolled, and planted with a pasture mix of orchard grass, alfalfa, triticale. After a slow start last year while the pasture mix was putting down its roots, it is now lush and thick. The difficulty is primarily with finding enough consecutive dry days to cut, dry, bale, and get the hay in the hay mow at Cedarville Farm and at Morning View Farm, the farm of your neighbors the Millers with whom we share the haying labor as well as output. This years’ first cutting produced dry, slightly green and fragrant hay.

The hay is USDA certified organic, by NOFA-NY.

If you are interested in purchasing hay, contact Will directly at (914)552-5649 or contact us at cedarvillefarm@gmail.com.

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